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Another outcome can include the non-Christian partner being marginalized instead, if the believer in the marriage ends up holding on to a healthy Christian life."If he or she (the nonbeliever) can't understand the point of Bible study and prayer, or missions trips, or hospitality, then he or she can't or won't participate alongside the believing spouse in those activities," she noted.

Some of you have made similar comments here on the blog.

He told The Christian Post in an email that "marrying an unbeliever brings a lot of negative baggage with it."And even though "the Bible is definitely full of scriptures that discourage and redirect believers from marrying unbelievers, it is nonetheless a fact that it happens all too often," Fox stated.

Fox, who is also a certified marriage coach, said that couples "should never marry with the idea that [they're] going into a marriage to 'change' the other person." Oftentimes couples think they can change the other person or convert them in the marriage.

Here’s whathe had to say: I have recently been asked to write a section for this blog on the topic of dating non-Christians.

I am very excited to be able to share my thoughts since they will be coming from a young Christian man’s perspective to a female audience. To start off with, I will tell you about a few of my own personal dating experiences.

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Our relationship ended after she wrote me a letter telling me she thought I was the one for her, and I told her I wasn’t. Our focus even as good Christian kids was on each other and not on God and how we were to be obedient to Him in His service. The girl I dated for 15 months was a great girl and a strong Christian, but we were not equally yoked.